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Antofagasta PLC
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Partner Information
Based Flag of Chile.png Santiago, Chile
London, UK
Founder 1888
Announced 9 October 2018[1]
Role Official Copper Mining Partner[2]
Official Website Antofagasta

Antofagasta Minerals, otherwise known as a part of the wider Antofagasta PLC, are a Chilean multinational company, which specialises in mining and refining metals.[3] Headquarted in London, UK, and Santiago, Chile, Antofagasta are one of the largest companies registered in South America, and own four of the most productive copper mines in the world.[3]

Antofagasta would first become involved in the ABB FIA Formula E Championship ahead of the inaugural Santiago E-Prix, serving as the title sponsor.[4] This deal was subsequently renewed ahead of the 2018/19 season, with Antofagasta signing an additional deal with Formula E Holdings to become the 'official copper mining partner' of the series.[1]


Antofagasta can trace their history back to 1888, when the Ferrocarril de Antofagasta a Bolivia, a Bolivian railway company, listed itself on the London Stock Exchange.[3] Their plan was to operate a railway running between Antofagasta, a then-Bolivian port city, and the Bolivian capital La Paz.[3] The project was to be completed shortly before Antofagasta was formally transferred to Chile having been captured during the War of the Pacific.[3]

Mineral Migration

Ferrocarril de Antofagasta would continue to operate its rail network until the late 1970s, when businessman Grupo Luksic gained majority control.[3] He subsequently formed Antofagasta Holdings in 1980, with the railway company becoming a secondary division within the business as he invested in mining.[3] Autofagasta would subsequently obtain control of the Pelambres copper mine in 1986, before further in-house divisions saw Antofagasta Minerals become the group's largest, and effectively only, major entity in 1999.[3]

The 2000s would see Antofagasta continue to invest in mining and refining operations, with the Luksic family still holding majority control.[3]

Formula E History

Antofagasta were first involved in the ABB FIA Formula E Championship ahead of the 2018 Santiago E-Prix, with the group approached to be the race's title sponsor.[4] The deal to sponsor the race was subsequently renewed when Santiago joined the 2018/19 calendar, with Antofagasta also approaching Formula E Holdings to negotiate a wider deal.[1] The new deal, announced on the 9 October 2018, would see Antofagasta become a sponsor of the Formula E Championship, serving as the 'official copper mining partner' of the series.[2]


Antofagasta serve the ABB FIA Formula E Championship as the 'official copper mining partner', and so are restricted to acting as a sponsor.[2]


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