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The e-Licence is a competition licence set up by the FIA specifically for the FIA Formula E Championship.[1] Similar to the Super Licence in Formula One, the e-Licence must be held by a driver before they are allowed to compete in the Formula E Championship.[1]


A driver whom wishes to compete in the Championship must fulfil all of the criteria below, although the FIA may grant a licence on other factors if the opportunity to complete all of the required fields has not arisen. These required elements for the driver include:

  • Completion of an FIA training session about Formula E, incorporating electrical safety training, as well as information about the technical and sporting rules in the Championship.[2]
  • To have scored 20 points through the FIA's scoring system used to grant Super Licences in the previous three seasons.[1]
    • A former holder of an F1 Super Licence will qualify automatically.[2]
    • A driver who competed in more than three ePrix before these rules were applied will also automatically qualify.[2]

Under the rules agreed at the World Motor Sport Council meeting in Mexico City in July 2015, the Formula E Champion will also automatically qualify for an F1 Super Licence.[2]


The idea behind the e-Licence is to ensure that drivers are effectively trained how to use the all-electric powered cars that define Formula E.[1] In that sense, the FIA training session may be considered an essential element to simply being competitive in the Championship, as drivers currently have to adapt their driving styles throughout the season to better control the energy use of their machinery.[1] The e-Licence should also ensure that drivers who are adept at racing in tight conditions, such as those in city centres, fill the Formula E grid and with a good level of experience.[1]


Currently no full list of those who hold an e-Licence has been published by the FIA, meaning it is unclear who, or how many, drivers can compete in Formula E. However, under current regulations the assumption can be made that many of the following will hold an e-Licence in 2015/16.

e-Licence Holders
Name ePrix Briefing Points Super Licence 2015/16
Flag of Germany.png Daniel Abt 11 Unknown 20 Confirmed
Flag of Spain.png Jaime Alguersuari 9 Unknown 0 2009-13 TBC
Flag of the United Kingdom.png Sam Bird 11 Unknown 55 2012 TBC
Flag of Switzerland.png Sébastien Buemi 11 Unknown 60 2009-15 TBC
Flag of Italy.png Michela Cerruti 4 Unknown 0 TBC
Flag of India.png Karun Chandhok 11 Unknown 0 2010-11 TBC
Flag of Belgium.png Jérôme d'Ambrosio 11 Unknown 0 2010-13 TBC
Flag of Brazil.png Lucas di Grassi 11 Unknown 0 2005-11 Confirmed
Flag of Mexico.png Salvador Duran 9 Unknown 0 TBC
Flag of France.png Loïc Duval 7 Unknown 46 TBC
Flag of Portugal.png António Félix da Costa 8 Unknown 40 TBC
Flag of Germany.png Nick Heidfeld 11 Unknown 0 2000-11 TBC
Flag of Switzerland.png Fabio Leimer 2 Unknown 56 TBC
Flag of Italy.png Vitantonio Liuzzi 5 Unknown 0 2005-12 TBC
Flag of France.png Charles Pic 5 Unknown 0 2012-14 TBC
Flag of Brazil.png Nelson Piquet Jr. 11 Unknown 0 2007-09 Confirmed
Flag of France.png Nicolas Prost 11 Unknown 17 TBC
Flag of France.png Stéphane Sarrazin 11 Unknown 28 1999 TBC
Flag of Japan.png Takuma Sato 1 Unknown 0 2002-08 TBC
Flag of Brazil.png Bruno Senna 11 Unknown 0 2010-12 TBC
Flag of Spain.png Oriol Servià 4 Unknown 0 TBC
Flag of the United States.png Scott Speed 4 Unknown 0 2006-07 TBC
Flag of Italy.png Jarno Trulli 11 Unknown 0 1997-2012 TBC
Flag of China.png Ho-Pin Tung 3 Unknown 0 2010 TBC
Flag of France.png Jean-Eric Vergne 9 Unknown 0 2011-15 TBC
Flag of the United Kingdom.png Justin Wilson 1 Unknown 6 2003 TBC
Flag of Japan.png Sakon Yamamoto 2 Unknown 0 2006-11 TBC
Only includes drivers whom raced in at least one ePrix in the 2014/15 FIA Formula E Championship.

This list is to be modified throughout the summer of 2015, as confirmations about driver line-ups are announced for the upcoming 2015/16 FIA Formula E Championship. Note that this is an unofficial list, with FIA Licence points taken from championships that started from January 2012 onwards.


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