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Project Drive is an important Project here at the Formula E Wiki, dedicated to adding, maintaining and recording the achievements of every driver to compete in Formula E. As the Wiki was created shortly after Formula E took off, the work involved should be more on the side of maintenance, but there is no harm on ensuring that standards are made even higher.


At present, JPDurzel is the Project Leader of Project Drive, having founded the Wiki and added his fair share of info to the articles included. Why not help him out (or knock him off his perch) and add your name to the list below:

Don't forget, you can also apply for leadership of the Project by simply contacting one of the Admins, or the current Project Leader on their talk page.

The Drivers

The list below contains all of the drivers to have competed in Formula E, ordered through a scale of priority and importance. Also incorporated is the quality of each article as determined by the Project Leader, with a note of the article as having been featured or otherwise.

The List

All of the entrants to the Formula E Championship (as of 31st October 2017), have an article dedicated to them, with priority judged on their finishing position last season, as well as conformation of their entry into the 2017/18 FIA Formula E Championship. Feel free to add new names to the list as they emerge.

Project Drive
Name FE? Img? Deet? Name FE? Img? Deet?
Flag of Brazil.pngNelson Piquet Jr. Flag of Brazil.pngLucas di Grassi
Flag of Switzerland.pngSébastien Buemi Flag of Belgium.pngJérôme d'Ambrosio
Flag of Portugal.pngAntónio Félix da Costa Flag of the United Kingdom.pngSam Bird
Flag of France.pngNicolas Prost Flag of Sweden.png Felix Rosenqvist
Flag of France.png Jean-Eric Vergne
Flag of Germany.png Nick Heidfeld Flag of Germany.png Maro Engel
Flag of Germany.png Daniel Abt Flag of the United Kingdom.png Oliver Turvey
Flag of the United Kingdom.png Alex Lynn Flag of Switzerland.png Neel Jani
Flag of New Zealand.png Mitch Evans Flag of Italy.png Luca Filippi
Flag of Germany.png André Lotterer Flag of Italy.png Edoardo Mortara
Flag of France.png Tom Dillmann Flag of Argentina.png José María López
Flag of the United Kingdom.png Adam Carroll Flag of France.png Pierre Gasly
Flag of China.png Ma Qing Hua Flag of Mexico.png Esteban Gutiérrez
Flag of France.png Nathanaël Berthon Flag of the United Kingdom.png Oliver Rowland
Flag of Canada.png Jacques Villeneuve Dutch Flag.png Robin Frijns
Flag of Mexico.png Salvador Duran Flag of Switzerland.png Simona de Silvestro
Flag of France.png Franck Montagny Flag of Spain.png Oriol Servià
Flag of Japan.png Takuma Sato Flag of Italy.png Vitantonio Liuzzi
Flag of the United Kingdom.png Justin Wilson Flag of China.png Ho-Pin Tung
Flag of Italy.png Michela Cerruti Flag of the United States.png Marco Andretti
Flag of the United States.png Matthew Brabham Flag of Switzerland.png Fabio Leimer
Flag of the United States.png Scott Speed Flag of India.png Karun Chandhok
Flag of France.png Charles Pic Flag of Italy.png Jarno Trulli
Flag of Spain.png Jaime Alguersuari Flag of France.png Stéphane Sarrazin
Flag of France.png Loïc Duval Flag of Brazil.png Bruno Senna
Flag of Switzerland.png Alex Fontana Flag of the United Kingdom.png Katherine Legge
Flag of Japan.png Sakon Yamamoto Flag of Spain.png Antonio Garcia
Flag of Brazil.png Gil de Ferran Flag of the United Kingdom.png Mike Conway
Flag of Argentina.png Juan Manuel López Flag of Argentina.png Esteban Guerrieri
Flag of Morocco.png Michael Benyahia Flag of the United Kingdom.png James Rossiter
Flag of Spain.png Daniel Juncadella Flag of the United Kingdom.png Alexander Sims
Flag of the United Kingdom.png Tom Blomqvist Flag of Canada.png Patrick Carpentier
Flag of Indonesia.png Rio Haryanto Flag of the United Kingdom.png Harry Tincknell
Flag of the United Kingdom.png Dean Stoneman Flag of China.png Da Sheng Zhang
Flag of France.png Nicolas Lapierre Flag of Monaco.png Stefano Coletti

Priority is based on numerous factors, but mainly divided into Champions, Current Drivers, Former Drivers and Test Drivers. Quality is judged by the Project Leader or group consensus, depending on the number of members.


Below is the key to the table, based on the colours used above and explaining each:

Project Drive
Colour Priority Explanation
Claret Critical Champions, race winners and Drivers who have been exceptionally successful in Formula E are to be ranked with this priority
Silver Important Current drivers should dominate this section, although they may be categorised differently according to circumstance.
Blue Low A driver whom has entered the Championship, and scored minor points, but not currently competing
Navy None A driver who has only ever tested in Formula E, or has only a few entries to their name with no success.
Gold Featured An article that has been featured on the Main Page.
Green Good Each section has good information, and an image of the driver exists on the page.
Yellow OK Content exists on the article, but is lacking in overall detail. Infoboxes are complete.
Plum Poor Article severly lacks detail, with infoboxes incomplete.
Red None The Article has not been created.

Again, the quality of the article is based on the discretion of the Project Leader, or on group consensus.