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Heineken N.V.
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Partner Information
Based Dutch Flag.png Amsterdam, Netherlands
Founder Gerard Adriaan Heineken (1864)
Announced 15 October 2018[1]
Role Official Beer and Cider Supplier
Official Website Heineken

Heineken N.V., known simply as Heineken or stylised as HEINEKEN, is a dutch based brewery, which produces and sells alcoholic beverages across the world.[2] Founded on 12 July 1864 by Gerard Adriaan Heineken, Heineken have since grown to be the largest brewer in Europe, producing 188.3 million hectolitres of beer in 2015.[2]

Heineken would become a major sponsor of the ABB FIA Formula E Championship ahead of the 2018/19 season, signing a deal with Formula E Holdings to serve as the series' 'Official Beer and Cider Supplier' on the 15 October 2018.[1]


Heineken's origins would be found in the form of founder Gerard Adriaan Heineken, who would buy the De Hooiberg brewery in Amsterdam, Netherlands, on 12 July 1864.[2] The Dutchman began to experiment with various brewing techniques, and by 1886 had, with the aid of Dr H. Elion, developed his own specific yeast.[2] This yeast, named "Heineken A-yeast" became a signature ingredient in Heineken's products, and effectively served as the foundation of the business.[2]

Dynastic Development

Gerard Adriaan would hand control of his business to his son after the First World War, which saw more developments in brewing techniques as the group's output continued to grow.[2] Indeed, Heineken would also switch focus to exporting beer, and were one of the first international breweries to ship to the United States after the end of Prohibition.[2] The American market would subsequently become Heineken's biggest source of revenue outside of Europe.[2]

After the Second World War Heineken would adopt a new approach, buying up smaller breweries and either absorbing or closing them to increase the group's market share.[2] The post-War era also saw Heineken merge with its biggest Dutch competitor, Amsel, with a joint brewery opened in Zoeterwoude a few years later.[2] Further purchases into the 2000s saw Heineken grow to be the second largest brewery in the world, with Heineken products brewed on four different continents.[2]

It was during the 2010s that Heineken decided to commit to sponsoring major motorsport events, with the group agreeing to sponsor the FIA Formula One World Championship in 2016.[3]

Formula E History

Heineken first became involved in the ABB FIA Formula E Championship ahead of the 2018/19 season, having decided to expand their motorsport involvement beyond their sponsorship of Formula One.[1] They duly entered into negotiations with Formula E Holdings over the summer of 2018, with a deal naming Heineken as the series' 'official beer and cider supplier' announced on the 15 October 2018.[1]


Heineken serve as the 'official beer and cider supplier' for the ABB FIA Formula E Championship, and so serve no other purpose other than sponsorship.[1]


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