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Hewland Engineering Ltd.
Partner Information
Based Flag of the United Kingdom.png Maidenhead, England
Founder Mike Hewland (1957)
Announced 2013
Role Constructor
Official Website Hewland

Hewland Engineering Ltd., otherwise known simply as Hewland, are a British engineering company, famed around the racing world for their gearbox creations.[1] Founded in 1957 by Mike Hewland, Hewland currently supply major international Championships such as Formula One, the World Endurance Championship, DTM and countless others.[1]

Hewland's involvement in the ABB FIA Formula E Championship began in 2013, when Spark Racing Technologies and McLaren Electronic Systems contracted them to develop a gearbox for the first ever FE car, the Spark-Renault SRT_01E.[2] The British firm would continue to supply gearboxes to FE after powertrain development was opened up in the 2015/16 season, having since diverged into the realm of electric vehicles themselves.[1]


Mike Hewland, a promising engineer, began his foray into race car engineering in the mid-1950s, finding a niche in the development of gearbox units.[1] This began by cutting gears from a small unit in Maidenhead, England, although after an approach by the UDT Laystall team in Formula 2, Hewland began to manufacturer a custom four-speed gearbox.[3] Hewland would continue to develop his gearbox, using the VW Beetle design as a basis, with an increasing number of units sold as the years progressed.[3]

Gearing the World

In 1965 Formula One regulations changed to accept 3 litre engines, meaning a whole new set of gearboxes were required to transfer engine power to the circuit.[3] Triple World Champion and then team owner Jack Brabham commissioned Hewland to develop a gearbox for him, which would ultimately aid the Brabham team to the Championship in 1966.[3] Hewland continued to refine his design, supplying other famed F1 teams including Team Lotus, McLaren and BRM.[3]

Hewland would remain in F1 through to the present day, with interests quickly developing in other racing markets.[3] Hewland gearboxes would spread into the CanAm and World Sportscar Championship series, as well as the realm of touring cars and rallying.[1] By 2017 Hewland were employing 167 people in Maidenhead, and supplying at least one effort, if not the entire field, in a range of series, from Formula One to DTM.[1]

Formula E History

Hewland were first involved in the ABB FIA Formula E Championship after being approached by McLaren Electronic Systems to develop a gearbox for the first Formula E car, the Spark-Renault SRT_01E.[2] Their design, a six-speed transverse creation, would be used by the McLaren powertrain throughout the 2014/15 season, before manufacturers began to develop their own powertrains in 2015/16.[4] Hewland were, however, retained as a consultant by the majority of the FE teams, and continued to supply teams into the 2017/18 season.[1]


Hewland have primarily focused on gearbox development for Formula E, with their design a universal element in every current FE car.


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