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Flag of Morocco.png Marrakesh E-Prix
Marrakech E-Prix Poster 2019.jpg
E-Prix Details
Name ABB FIA Formula E Marrakesh E-Prix
Location Flag of Morocco.png Marrakesh, Morocco
No. Held 5
Circuit Flag of Morocco.png Circuit International Automobile Moulay El Hassan
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First Race Flag of Morocco.png 2016 Marrakesh ePrix
Last Race Flag of Morocco.png 2020 Marrakesh E-Prix
Only Race unknown
Most Recent Results
Name Flag of Morocco.png 2020 ABB FIA Formula E Marrakesh E-Prix
Pole Flag of Portugal.png António Félix da Costa 1:17.158
First Second Third
Flag of Portugal.png António Félix da Costa Flag of Germany.png Maximilian Günther Flag of France.png Jean-Éric Vergne
Fastest lap Flag of New Zealand.png Mitch Evans 1:20.737

The Marrakesh E-Prix is a motorsport event staged in the city of Marrakesh (otherwise known as Marrakech in French spelling), Morocco, that served as a round of the ABB FIA Formula E Championship between 2016 and 2020.[1] First proposed as a host city for the 2016/17 season, Marrakesh has since held three ePrix, and played host to two in-season tests for "Rookie drivers".[2][3]

After three seasons on the FE calendar the Marrakesh E-Prix was a surprise omission from the 2019/20 season when the provisional calendar was released, and hence would not return for a fourth successive season.[4] However, after political tensions erupted in Hong Kong during the summer of 2019, the Asian city was stripped of its E-Prix, and hence resulted in Marrakesh being reinstated.[5]

The Marrakesh E-Prix would be skipped over in both 2020/21 and provisional 2021/22 calendars, before being reinstated midway through the latter season after the cancellation of the Vancouver E-Prix.[6]

City History

First founded in c.1070, Marrakesh was originally the capital of the Almoravid Empire, as well as the Almohad Caliphate three quarters of a century later.[7] The city would later be captured by the Marinid Dynasty in the 13th century and lose its capital status to Fez as the city entered numerous rebellions.[7] By 1550 Marrakesh was back as a capital city, the home to the Saadian sharifs as they controlled a unified Morocco, before that dynasty was overthrown in the 17th Century.[7]

An Alawite royal household was established in Marrakesh, but the city was just one of a number of de facto capitals for the dynasty, with the city receiving a major renovation in the 19th Century.[7] The year of 1912 would see Marrakesh fall into the hands of the French Army as they created the French protectorate of Morocco.[7] Once Morocco became independent in 1956 Marrakesh would continue its longstanding rivalry with Fez to be recognised as the capital of Morocco, although both would lose out to Rabat in later years.[7]

Formula E History

Marrakesh was first proposed as a Formula E host city for the 2016/17 season, getting a place on the provisional calendar released on the 2nd of July 2016.[2] The venue was confirmed alongside a press release announcing that the ePrix would be an official event of the COP22 meeting, set to be held in the city the day after.[8] COP22 were meeting to discuss climate change, with representatives of the world's biggest countries set to debate the issue.[8]

Circuit History

The Marrakesh ePrix circuit was revealed as part of the COP22 announcement, using the Circuit Moulay El Hassan, which had previously hosted the 2016 Afriquia Race of Morocco, a WTCC round.[1] The reduced circuit length would mean that the circuit did not have to be changed for Formula E, with the facilities also able to be adopted for the FE machines.[1]


A full list of records for the Marrakesh ePrix are outlined below, including a list of race winners.


Below is a list of all of the winners of the Marrakesh E-Prix:

Marrakesh E-Prix Winners List
Season Name Circuit Date Winner Report
2016/17 Flag of Morocco.png 2016 FIA Formula E Marrakesh ePrix Circuit Moulay El Hassan 12 November 2016 Flag of Switzerland.png Sébastien Buemi Report
2017/18 Flag of Morocco.png 2018 ABB Formula E Marrakesh E-Prix Circuit Moulay El Hassan 13 January 2018[9] Flag of Sweden.png Felix Rosenqvist Report
2018/19 Flag of Morocco.png 2019 ABB Formula E Marrakesh E-Prix Circuit Moulay El Hassan 12 January 2019[10] Flag of Belgium.png Jérôme d'Ambrosio[11] Report
2019/20 Flag of Morocco.png 2020 ABB FIA Formula E Marrakesh E-Prix Circuit Moulay El Hassan 28 February 2020[5] Flag of Portugal.png António Félix da Costa[12] Report
2021/22 Flag of Morocco.png 2022 ABB Formula E Marrakesh E-Prix Circuit Moulay El Hassan 2 July 2022[6] Report


Videos and Images:


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