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Flag of Monaco.png Monaco E-Prix
Monaco E-Prix Poster 2019.jpg
E-Prix Details
Name ABB Formula E Monaco E-Prix
Location Flag of Monaco.png Monte Carlo, Monaco
No. Held 3
Circuit Flag of Monaco.png Circuit de Monaco
Previous Circuits {{{previouscircuits}}}
First Race Flag of Monaco.png 2015 Monaco ePrix
Last Race Flag of Monaco.png 2019 Monaco E-Prix
Only Race unknown
Most Recent Results
Name Flag of Monaco.png 2019 ABB Formula E Monaco E-Prix
Pole Flag of the United Kingdom.png Oliver Rowland 0:50.042
First Second Third
Flag of Switzerland.png Sébastien Buemi {{{{{natsecond}}}}} Oliver Rowland {{{{{natthird}}}}} Felipe Massa
Fastest lap Flag of Germany.png Pascal Wehrlein 0:52.385

The Monaco E-Prix, alternately known as the Monte Carlo E-Prix, is an annual motorsports event, held as part of the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship in Monte Carlo, Monaco.[1] Initially held on a modified version of the legendary Circuit de Monaco, the Monaco E-Prix would move to the full Grand Prix layout for the 2022 Monaco E-Prix, the first time that FE had competed on an identical circuit to Formula One.[1][2]

City History

A land grant by Emperor Henry VI in 1191 saw Monaco re-founded as a colony of Genoa in 1215.[3] It continued to be a Genoese colony until 1419, when Grimaldis purchased Monaco, declaring it an independent state.[3] French Revolutionaries captured Monaco in 1793, before the fall of Napoleon saw the crown reinstated in 1814.[3]

After becoming a sovereign state in 1861, the principality stopped charging the population tax due to the successful casino, meaning the rich from across Europe came to live in the country throughout the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries.[3] The city has hosted numerous motor races, including the historic Monaco Rally and, most famously, the Monaco Grand Prix.[3]

Formula E History

Monaco was announced as one of the host cities for the inaugural Formula E season on the 16th of October 2013, with the Prince Albert Foundation becoming a partner in the championship not long after.[4] The circuit was revealed on the 29 March 2015, with the ePrix itself scheduled for the 9 May later that year.[5]

Circuit History

After successfully hosting the 2015 Monaco ePrix, Monaco was removed from the 2015/16 calendar, after an agreement to host the Historic Monaco Grand Prix on alternate years with Formula E.[6] Yet, after the cancellation of the 2016 Moscow ePrix Monaco was proposed as an alternate host, although time limitations prevented the Principality's premature return.[7] Regardless, the Monaco ePrix returned for 2016/17 as expected, getting its second chance to host Formula E in May 2017.[8]

Grand Prix Dream

Ahead of the 2021 Monaco E-Prix the FIA and Formula E agreed to run the race on the full Circuit de Monaco layout, albeit with modifications to Sainte Devote and the Nouvelle Chicane.[9] On the eve of the race weekend the Sainte Devote modification was dropped in favour of the Grand Prix version, although a tighter Nouvelle Chicane layout was kept.[10] In 2022 FE and the ACM agreed to run the race on the full Circuit de Monaco layout including the Grand Prix version of the Nouvelle Chicane, bringing FE complete parity with F1 in Monte Carlo.[11]


A full list of records for the Monaco E-Prix is outlined below, including a list of race winners.


Below is a list of all of the winners of the Monaco E-Prix:

Monaco E-Prix Winners List
Season Name Circuit Date Winner Report
2014/15 Flag of Monaco.png 2015 FIA Formula E Monaco ePrix Circuit de Monaco 9 May 2015 Flag of Switzerland.png Sébastien Buemi Report
2016/17 Flag of Monaco.png 2017 FIA Formula E Monaco ePrix Circuit de Monaco 13 May 2017 Flag of Switzerland.png Sébastien Buemi Report
2018/19 Flag of Monaco.png 2019 FIA Formula E Monaco E-Prix Circuit de Monaco 11 May 2019[1] Flag of France.png Jean-Éric Vergne[12] Report
2020/21 Flag of Monaco.png 2021 ABB Formula E Monaco E-Prix Circuit de Monaco 8 May 2021[13] Flag of Portugal.png António Félix da Costa[14] Report
2021/22 Flag of Monaco.png 2022 ABB Formula E Monaco E-Prix Circuit de Monaco 30 April 2022[2] Flag of Belgium.png Stoffel Vandoorne[15] Report


Videos and Images:


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