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Penske Logo.png
Based Flag of the United States.png Mooresville, North Carolina
Founded Roger Penske (1969)
Founder Unknown
Key People
Industry Automobiles
Formula E Record
Début 2016 Hong Kong ePrix
Total Entries 37 (37 Starts)
Wins Poles FLs
0 0 3
Total Points 97
Former Team(s) Unknown
Current Season
Team(s) Dragon Racing
Car Penske EV-2

Penske, otherwise officially known as the Penske Corporation, is a collection of companies owned by the American Penske family.[1] The group have been involved in the ABB FIA Formula E Championship since the 2014/15 season via Dragon Racing, and have since become a manufacturer in the Series through the combined efforts of Dragon, Team Penske, and, initially, Faraday Future.[2]


The Penske group of companies was spawned from Roger Penske's race team, Penske Racing, which formed in 1966 to take part in the 24 Hours of Daytona.[1] After a couple of years racing, and looking to expand his war chest, Penske founded the Penske Corporation, which would invest in various parts of the automotive industry.[1] The race team, now called Team Penske, would handle all of Penske's racing commitments, while other sectors of the Penske brand arose as other businesses were acquired.[1]

Single Seater Stars

Team Penske's name was largely founded on the Indy car circuit, having entered its first race with a customer Eagle, driven by veteran Mark Donohue.[1] The team soon investigated making its own Indy racer after enjoying some success, while also deciding to embark on expansion into Formula One.[1] However, while the F1 project would result in a single win, Penske decided it was better to keep their attentions focused in the US, with their Indy car campaigns supplemented by other series.[1]

Since that point on, Penske would come to dominate Indy car in its various guises, picking up Championships on an almost yearly basis.[1] Their exploits in other American series were somewhat less successful, although Penske have collected a handful of Championships in NASCAR.[1] Team Penske would also expand into the IMSA Weathertech Series in 2017, developing the Acura DPI car.[1]

Formula E History

Penske have been involved in the ABB FIA Formula E Championship since the 2014/15 season, with operations at the Dragon Racing effort dictated by Jay Penske.[3] Penske would then side-step their option to become a manufacturer in the Series for the 2015/16 season, leaving Dragon to find a supply from Venturi Automobiles.[2] That changed, however, when the Dragon-Venturi relationship fell apart during the second FE season, leading Penske to jump into the rabbit hole and build their first powertrain for 2016/17.[2]


Penske have developed a few powertrains for the ABB FIA Formula E Championship, with various partners and private expertise brought in to do so.[2]

Penske 701-EV

Main article: Penske 701-EV

The Penske 701-EV was the first FE car built by Penske, with assistance reportedly provided by American start up company Faraday Future.[4]

Penske EV-2

Main article: Penske EV-2

Penske's second FE creation would be the Penske EV-2, which was built completely in-house by the Penske and Dragon teams.[3]


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