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Based Flag of the United States.png San Diego, California
Founder Irwin Jacobs et al.
Announced 1985
Broke Unknown
Role Technology Partner
Official Website Qualcomm

Qualcomm Incorporated, better known simply as Qualcomm, are an American based electrical company, that specialises in telecommunications.[1] A founding partner of the FIA Formula E ChampionshipQualcomm provide their innovative wireless charging system to the Championship, used to charge the BMW Qualcomm i8 safety car at each event.[2][3]


Founded in 1985 in San Diego, California (USA), Qualcomm started out as a Research & Development group for telecommunications.[4] After being instrumental in the development of Mobile to Mobile communications in the late 80s, Qualcomm began development of CDMA (multiple band radio communications) for the phone industry, before combining their work with the dawning of the internet age.[4] Numerous developments have emerged since, with Qualcomm using satelite technology and other innovative ideas to become a world leader in their field.[4]

Formula E History

The BMW Qualcomm i8 safety car.

It was their recent interest in wireless charging, through the Qualcomm Halo system, that the FIA and Formula E Holdings took an interest in Qualcomm when founding the Championship.[2] Mutual interest in developing Electric Vehicle technology drew the two together, with Qualcomm adopting the BMW i8 that the German manufacturers had provided for the championship.[2] The i8, now fitted with the Halo™ system, was christened the BMW Qualcomm i8, and serves as the safety car to the championship.[2]

Their HALO system has since been fitted to all 42 Spark-Renault SRT_01Es used by the Championship, and is expected to be applied to all future Formula E machinery.[2]


Qualcomm's signature innovation, the Halo™ WEVC system, is their major contribution to the championship, although countless other creations by the company are in use, from chips built into phone sets, to the software used to monitor the energy data from each car.[2] Qualcomm have also adapted the two BMW i8s and BMW i3s given to the championship, although these remain the responsibility of BMW to maintain.

Qualcomm Halo™ WEVC

The Qualcomm Halo Wireless Electric Vehicle Charging system is almost exactly what its name suggests, a wireless recharging system for Formula E's cars.[5] Using a plate which conducts 20kw of power through around 200mm of air, one of the various SRT_01Es can be charged simply by sitting above the plate, going from flat to full charge in around 20 minutes.[3] Hoping to harness solar energy as a method to generate electricity, the Halo™ WEVC system is also hoped to be used to introduce charging on the move, although Qualcomm admit this is several years off.[3]


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