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Rimac Automobili
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Partner Information
Based Flag of Croatia.png Sveta Nedelja, Croatia
Founder Mate Rimac (2009)
Announced 4 July 2014[1]
Broke 2015
Role Vehicle Supplier
Official Website Rimac Automobili

Rimac Automobili, known simply as Rimac, are a Croatian automotive manufacturer which specialises in developing electric sports cars.[2] Founded in 2009 by Mate Rimac, Rimac have produced several concept sports cars, and have agreed a deal with Porsche, who became a 10% stake holder, to develop high performance electric vehicles.[2][3]

Rimac previously featured as a sponsor of the ABB FIA Formula E Championship during the inaugural 2014/15 season, supplying the series with an example of their Concept One sports car.[1]


Rimac's origins are to be found in 2007, when garage based engineer Mate Rimac began to convert his own BMW E30 to an electric powertrain, with funding from a group of minor investors.[2] By 2009 Rimac had produced several patents, many of which were sold to allow the foundation of Rimac Automobili that same year.[2] Rimac's eE30 subsequently became a testbed for Rimac's first concept cars, which subsequently became known within the group as the "Green Monster".[2]

Concepts and Companies

Continued research and development work on the "Green Monster" would eventually result in Rimac's first in-house creation, the Concept One.[2] Debuting at the 2011 Frenkfurt Motorshow, Rimac agreed to an initial production run of 88 units, with the first delivery to a customer coming in 2013.[2] The group subsequently became interested in the Formula E Championship for advertising and promotion purposes as they began developing the Concept One's successor.[2]

By 2018 the Rimac C Two was ready to be launched, unveiled at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show.[2] That, combined with supply contracts for Aston Martin and Jaguar, prompted future FE entrant Porsche to acquire a 10% stake in Rimac in June 2018, with the Croatian firm expected to aid the German manufacturer's move to electrification.[3]

Formula E History

Rimac would express interest in the ABB FIA Formula E Championship ahead of the inaugural 2014/15 season, but lacked the funds and experience to join as an entrant.[1] Instead, Rimac opened negotiations with Formula E Holdings to become a series sponsor, with a deal between the two groups announced on the eve of the 2014 Donington Test.[1] Rimac would supply the series with an example of its Concept One sports car, which would appear at each ePrix as the Race Director's official track inspection vehicle.[1]

Rimac would appear at every round in 2014/15, although the deal between the two would not be renewed at the end of the season.


Rimac previously supplied the ABB FIA Formula E Championship with one of its Concept One sports cars, intended to serve as a track inspection vehicle for the race director.[1]


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