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Flag of China.png Sanya E-Prix
Sanya E-Prix Poster 2019.jpg
E-Prix Details
Name FWD Sanya E-Prix
Location Flag of China.png Hainan Island, China
No. Held 1
Circuit Haitang Bay Circuit
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First Race Unknown
Last Race unknown
Only Race Flag of China.png 2019 Sanya E-Prix
Most Recent Results
Name Flag of China.png 2019 FWD Sanya E-Prix
Pole Flag of the United Kingdom.png Oliver Rowland 1:07.945
First Second Third
Flag of France.png Jean-Éric Vergne Flag of the United Kingdom.png Oliver Rowland Flag of Portugal.png António Félix da Costa
Fastest lap Flag of France.png Jean-Éric Vergne 1:09.965

The Sanya E-Prix was a major international motorsports event staged in the city of Sanya (三亚 in Chinese) on Hainan Island, a territory and island that forms part of the People's Republic of China.[1] Known as the "Florida of China", Sanya would become an ABB FIA Formula E Championship host city ahead of the 2018/19 season, hosting its first race on the 23 March 2019 on the Haitang Bay Circuit.[2]

The race was sponsored by FWD, and marked the official return of FE to "mainland" China after the series' previous races in Beijing.[2] The E-Prix was heavily speculated to make a return for the 2019/20 season, although was excluded from the first provisional calendar.[3]

City History

Historically known as Yazhou or Aichow (崖州 in Chinese), which translated as "cliff state", Sanya's earliest history can be traced back to the Qin Dynasty of 221-206 BCE.[1] The town, as well as the wider island, would ultimately develop through the centuries as a place of exile for former officials, as well as a staging post for Buddhist monk Jianzhen on his mission to Japan during the Tang dynasty.[1]

Modern Manipulations

Sanya would become known as Yaxian in 1912, before being occupied by the Japanese during the Second Sino-Japanese War from 1941 to 1945.[1] Known as Samah, the town became a naval port for the Second Fleet of the Imperial Navy, serving as a launch pad for the Japanese invasions of Malaya and Thailand.[1] The town remained in Japanese control until conquered by the People's Liberation Army claimed control in April 1950.[1]

The name of Yaxian was revived after China reclaimed the city, before various political moves saw the city established as a capital of the Yaxian Prefecture in the 1980s.[1] The town was subsequently given city status on 26 September 1987, with the name officially changed to Sanya City on the 30 December of the same year.[1] Sanya would, however, soon return to being an important strategic naval base, with the Chinese navy basing several ships around the city to protect the South China Sea.[1]

Formula E History

Sanya would be a late addition to the 2018/19 ABB FIA Formula E Championship, with the original calendar for season five containing two TBAs.[4] Negotiations were still on-going, however, for the series to return to mainland China, and a deal to race in Sanya was agreed between city officials and Formula E Holdings shortly after the conclusion of the 2017/18 campaign.[2] The inaugural 2019 Sanya E-Prix was subsequently staged on the 23 March 2019 at the Haitang Bay Circuit, and would see Jean-Éric Vergne sweep to victory to kickstart his title defence.[5]

The 2020 Sanya E-Prix was due to take place on March 21st, but was canceled due to the ongoing Wuhan coronavirus outbreak since late 2019.[6]

Circuit History

The Haitang Bay Circuit was the only circuit to host the Sanya E-Prix, hosting the inaugural race on 23 March 2019 with a special treatment to prevent the surface from breaking up.[7]


A full list of records for the Sanya E-Prix are outlined below, including a list of race winners.


Below is a list of all of the winners of the Sanya E-Prix:

Sanya E-Prix Winners List
Season Name Circuit Date Winner Report
2018/19 Flag of China.png 2019 FWD Sanya E-Prix Haitang Bay Circuit 23 March 2019[2] Flag of France.png Jean-Éric Vergne Report


Videos and Images:


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