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Team Aguri
Amlin Aguri logo.png
Team Information
Based Flag of Japan.png Tokyo, Japan
Début 2014 Beijing ePrix
Founder Unknown
Key People Aguri Suzuki, Mark Preston, Ferry Spijkerman, Peter McCool
Driver(s) António Félix da Costa
Salvador Duran
Car Spark-Renault SRT_01E
Sponsor(s) Unknown
Website Team Aguri
Team Stats
Last Season 8th (32 pt(s))
Entires 21
Wins Poles Points
1 0 98
Titles Unknown
First Win 2015 Buenos Aires ePrix
Fastest Laps 1
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Team Aguri were a Japanese based racing team, who competed in the first two seasons of the FIA Formula E Championship.[1] Run by Aguri Suzuki, a former Formula One team owner, Team Aguri have one win to their name, after António Félix da Costa took victory at the 2015 Buenos Aires ePrix, would exclusively use the original Spark-Renault SRT_01E throughout their existance.[2]


Team Aguri were founded after the merger of former F1 team Super Aguri with the Amlin insurance Group in Britain.[1] The team aim to bring their core values to the championship, including teamwork and sustainability.[1] Aguri will also look to help develop the technology introduced through the championship to the non-racing world. Their inital driver partnership of Katherine Legge and António Félix da Costa looked to be a promising one for the future, while the signing of Takuma Sato for the first race gave them a link to their past in F1.

Formula E History

Amlin Aguri entered Formula E in June 2014, with Katherine Legge and António Félix da Costa as their named drivers. Da Costa, Legge and Swiss driver Fabio Leimer tested for Amlin Aguri at the 2014 Donington Test, although Japanese ace Takuma Sato raced for the team (alongside Legge) at the 2014 Beijing ePrix. Da Costa, who missed out on Beijing due to his DTM commitments, later rejoined the team for the Putrajaya ePrix after the end of the DTM season in October.[3] Legge left the team at the end of 2014, meaning Salvador Duran joined the team after the 2014 Punta del Este ePrix.[4]

Amlin Aguri's breakthrough came via da Costa, whom surprised everyone in Formula E by taking victory at the 2015 Buenos Aires ePrix.[5] The 2014 Punta del Este Test had seen the team improve its race pace, with da Costa becoming a consistent point scorer after Buenos Aires.[5] Da Costa continued to threaten the points throughout the rest of the season, while Duran, back in a racing car for the first time since 2008, slowly climbed through the field, taking his first points at the 2015 Miami ePrix.[6] Da Costa's season ended at the 2015 Moscow ePrix, with the Portuguese racer missing the London finale due to the DTM.[7] Sakon Yamamoto replaced him, but retired from both London races.

Second Edition

Renamed as Team Aguri when Amlin withdrew their sponsorship, the team were the first team to announce their 2015/16 challenger and, with a small budget, the team opted to retain the use of the Spark-Renault SRT_01E with the McLaren powertrain from 2014/15.[2] Unlike 2014/15, however, their likely driver line-up did not emerge from testing, with five drivers running their cars across the six days. Duran left the team before the end of the test, joining Trulli, while Tom Dillmann, Nicolas Lapierre, Stefano Coletti and Nathanaël Berthon were all given the chance to test.

For the second season of Formula E, the team confirmed that da Costa would return as a driver with Berthon replacing Duran.[8] Of their two drivers, it would be the new boy Berthon who secured the team's first points of the season, pushing the SRT_01E against the newer cars to get into eighth at the season opening 2015 Beijing ePrix.[9] da Costa would then respond by claiming two sixth place finishes in the next two rounds, while two non-scores for Berthon saw the Frenchman abandon the team.[10]

A familiar face would replace the young Frenchman, with Duran rejoining the team once the Trulli team withdrew from the series.[10] Yet, the Mexican's arrival would not coincide with a rise in form, as both da Costa and Duran failed to score at the next three rounds. Duran's second stint with the team then ended when a deal with Chinese firm SECA emerged for the team, with Chinese racer Ma Qing Hua brought on board to seal the sponsorship.[11]

Ma's debut would not go to plan as he retired from the 2016 Paris ePrix, a race which saw da Costa take more points for the outdated car.[12] Another new driver-line up for Aguri would come at the 2016 Berlin ePrix, German racer René Rast coming in for an absent da Costa who had DTM commitments.[13] Yet, both Rast and Ma failed to score in the race, with da Costa returning in time for the season finale in London.

It would be in London where the end of Team Aguri would be announced, as SECA completed their take over of the team, which would become Techeetah for the 2016/17 season.[14] Regardless, both Ma and da Costa would race in the season ending races in London, with the Portuguese driver securing points in the 2016 London ePrix I by matching his season best finish of sixth.[15] Once the finale was over the staff and equipment officially came under the Techeetah banner, who hoped the former team's experience would help them bed into the series.

Formula E Record

The tables below show Team Aguri's full record in the FIA Formula E Championship.

Formula E Entries

The table below gives an overview of Team Aguri's entries in Formula E:

Team Aguri's overall Formula E Record
Season Official name No. Drivers DC Pos. DC Pts. Car TC Pos. TC Pts.
2014/15 Flag of Japan.png Amlin Aguri 55 Flag of Japan.png Takuma Sato 24th 2 Spark-Renault SRT_01E 7th 66
55 Flag of Portugal.png António Félix da Costa 8th 51
55 Flag of Japan.png Sakon Yamamoto NC 0
77 Flag of the United Kingdom.png Katherine Legge 34th 0
77 Flag of Mexico.png Salvador Duran 21st 13
2015/16 Flag of the United Kingdom.png Team Aguri 55 Flag of Portugal.png António Félix da Costa 13th 28 Spark-Renault SRT_01E 8th 32
55 Flag of Germany.png René Rast NC 0
77 Flag of France.png Nathanaël Berthon 17th 4
77 Flag of Mexico.png Salvador Duran 22nd 0
77 Flag of China.png Ma Qing Hua 19th 0

Career Results

Listed below are the full career results of Team Aguri:

FIA Formula E Championship Record
Year Driver Rounds Pos. Pts.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
2014/15 Flag of China.png Flag of Malaysia.png Flag of Uruguay.png Flag of Argentina.png Flag of the United States.png Flag of the United States.png Flag of Monaco.png Flag of Germany.png Flag of Russia.png Flag of the United Kingdom.png Flag of the United Kingdom.png 7th 66
Legge 15th 15th
Sato Ret
da Costa 8th Ret 1st 6th 7th 9th 11th 7th
Duran 16th DSQ 10th Ret NC 16th 6th 17th 8th
Yamamoto Ret Ret
2015/16 Flag of China.png Flag of Malaysia.png Flag of Uruguay.png Flag of Argentina.png Flag of Mexico.png Flag of the United States.png Flag of France.png Flag of Germany.png Flag of Russia.png Flag of the United Kingdom.png Flag of the United Kingdom.png 8th 32
da Costa Ret 6th 6th Ret NC Ret 8th CAN 6th 11th
Berthon 8th 15th 14th CAN
Duran Ret 15th 14th CAN
Ma Ret 14th CAN 13th 12th


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