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Trulli Formula E Team
Trulli GP logo.png
Team Information
Based Flag of Switzerland.png Switzerland
Début 2014 Beijing ePrix
Founder Jarno Trulli
Key People Lucio Cavuto, Francesco Guarnieri
Driver(s) Jarno Trulli
Michela Cerruti
Vitantonio Liuzzi
Alex Fontana
Car Motomatica JT-01
Sponsor(s) Unknown
Website Trulli
Team Stats
Last Season 10th (17 pt(s))
Entires 11
Wins Poles Points
0 1 17
Titles Unknown
First Win
Fastest Laps 0

 The Trulli Formula E Team were a Formula E team, who competed in the inaugural 2014/15 season.[1] Having taken over the entry of a former team, Trulli ended the season at the foot of the table, before entering the 2015/16 season after agreeing a deal with Motomatica.[2] Motomatica and Trulli would construct the Motomatica JT-01 together for the second season, but numerous technical problems meant that the team flopped ahead of the 2015 Punta del Este ePrix.[3]


Trulli were a newly formed team, founded by Jarno Trulli in 2014.[1] With Jarno Trulli's Formula One career bringing a wealth of experience, and the team taking over some of the innovations from Drayson Racing (such as wireless charging), Trulli intended to be a key team in the development of the championship.[1]

Formula E History

Trulli ran four Spark-Renault SRT_01Es for Jarno Trulli and Michela Cerruti in the 2014/15 season, with the pair racing for the team in the first four ePrix of the season.[4][5] The highlight of their partnership was Trulli's fourth place in Punta del Este, although it was to be a brief moment in the sun.[6] Cerruti would leave the team in the build up to the 2015 Miami ePrix, citing "Professional reasons" for her departure.[7]

Former F1 racer Vitantonio Liuzzi was called up just a few days before the Miami ePrix, although the time he had was not enough to get one of his helmets shipped over, meaning he had to loan one from his new boss.[7] Yet, the change in drivers did not cause a change in form, with Trulli's Uruguayan points the Team's only score until the 2015 Berlin ePrix.[8] The German capital saw Trulli take pole position, with Liuzzi also in the top ten, although the race itself did not go to plan.[8] Trulli suffered a poor start and dropped throughout the race, ending the day in nineteenth, despite Liuzzi claiming his first points by taking ninth.[8] Late drama in Moscow also cost the pair points, with Trulli also picking up a penalty for the season ending double header in London.[9]

Liuzzi was unable to attend the finale in London, meaning Alex Fontana joined the team, although he and Trulli struggled in the British capital.[10] The season ended with Trulli Formula E Team sat at the foot of the table (a position they had filled throughout the season), having scored just seventeen points all year.[10]

Motoring with Motomatica

The 2015/16 season saw constructors enter the Formula E Championship for the first time, with Trulli securing a deal with Motomatica to design a powertrain for their cars.[2] With team boss Jarno Trulli stepping down from driver duties, the team announced that Salvador Duran would join Vitantonio Liuzzi as their two main drivers.[11] Yet, although their line up was confirmed, the new Motomatica JT-01 proved to be a troublesome creation for the team, failing to cover any meaningful distance at the 2015 Donington Test.[12]

The failure of the JT-01 would ultimately prove to be the team's down fall, as they were forced to withdraw from the opening two rounds due to scrutineering issues.[13] Trulli would announce their complete withdrawal from the Championship on the 15th of December 2015, just four days before the third round in Punta del Este.[3] Their spot on the entry list would not be filled until the start of the 2016/17 season, when Jaguar joined the Championship, while Duran rejoined Team Aguri at the 2016 Buenos Aires ePrix.[14]

Formula E Record

The tables below show Trulli Formula E Team's full record in the FIA Formula E Championship.

Formula E Entries

The table below gives an overview of Trulli Formula E Team's entries in Formula E:

Trulli Formula E Team's overall Formula E Record
Season Official name No. Drivers DC Pos. DC Pts. Car TC Pos. TC Pts.
2014/15 Flag of Switzerland.png Trulli Formula E Team 10 Flag of Italy.png Jarno Trulli 20th 15 Spark-Renault SRT_01E 10th 17
18 Flag of Italy.png Michela Cerruti 29th 0
18 Flag of Italy.png Vitantonio Liuzzi 23rd 2
18 Flag of Switzerland.png Alex Fontana 32nd 0
2015/16 Flag of Switzerland.png Trulli Formula E Team 10 Flag of Italy.png Vitantonio Liuzzi NC 0 Motomatica JT-01 WD 0
18 Flag of Mexico.png Salvador Duran* 22nd 0
18 Flag of Italy.png Jarno Trulli NC 0
  • * Duran also raced for Team Aguri during the 2015/16 season.

Career Results

Listed below are the full career results of Trulli Formula E Team:

FIA Formula E Championship Record
Year Driver Rounds Pos. Pts.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
2014/15 Flag of China.png Flag of Malaysia.png Flag of Uruguay.png Flag of Argentina.png Flag of the United States.png Flag of the United States.png Flag of Monaco.png Flag of Germany.png Flag of Russia.png Flag of the United Kingdom.png Flag of the United Kingdom.png 10th 17
Trulli Ret 16th 4th Ret 15th Ret 11th 19th 18th 15th Ret
Cerruti 14th Ret 12th Ret
Liuzzi 16th 13th NC 9th 17th
Fontana Ret 14th
2015/16 Flag of China.png Flag of Malaysia.png Flag of Uruguay.png Flag of Argentina.png Flag of Mexico.png Flag of the United States.png Flag of Monaco.png Flag of Germany.png Flag of Russia.png Flag of the United Kingdom.png Flag of the United Kingdom.png WD 0
Trulli DNP CAN


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