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Williams Advanced Engineering
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Based Flag of the United Kingdom.png Grove, Oxfordshire, UK
Founder William Grand Prix Engineering (2010)
Announced 1 July 2020
Role Official Battery Supplier
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Williams Advanced Engineering are a British research and development firm, which has multiple links to the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship as an official supplier to Spark Racing Technologies and Jaguar Racing.[1] The first supplier of batteries to FE during the SRT_01E era, WAE would subsequently reclaim the battery tender for FE ahead of the Generation 3 era.[1][2]


WAE was formed in 2010 as an off-shoot of Williams Grand Prix Engineering, the firm behind the Williams Formula One team, to better relate Williams to the wider automotive industry.[3] The firm quickly found a niche in research and development, particularly in electronics for major motorsport programmes as well as developing enhanced battery systems.[3] In 2019 EMK Capital obtained a controlling stake in WAE, although the group would maintain their close ties with Williams F1, including their base in Grove, Oxfordshire, UK.[4]

Formula E History

WAE first became involved in the FIA Formula E Championship ahead of the inaugural season, after signing a deal with Spark Racing Technologies to develop the batteries for the Spark-Renault SRT_01E.[2] That partnership lasted until the end of the 2017/18 season, when WAE lost the battery supply contract to McLaren Applied Technologies.[5] WAE would, however, maintain a presence in FE by signing a deal with Jaguar Racing to help support the British squad on a technical level, before also signing a deal to supply the Extreme E Championship with battery system in 2019.[6]

Third Generation: 2022/23 - 2025/26

WAE would subsequently apply to supply FE with batteries again once the tender for the Generation 3 ruleset was opened in December 2019.[7] WAE duly reclaimed the contract to supply FE with batteries on 1 July 2020, and would again work with Spark to develop a system that could cope with 600 kW of regeneration and an out-put of 250 kW.[1]


Williams Advanced Engineering won the first ever tender to supply the FIA Formula E World Championship with batteries ahead of the inaugural 2014/15 Formula E Season.[2]

SRT_01E Battery

For the first generation of the FIA Formula E Championship car, the Spark-Renault SRT_01E, WAE developed a 28kWh Lithium-Ion battery, in partnership with Spark Racing Technologies.[2] 42 batteries were produced for the inaugural season, to match Formula E's purchase of 42 cars for the 2014/15 season.[2]

Generation 3 Battery


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